Founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba by a team of experts in lab and field work, Prairie Scientific Inc. is focused on providing our clients with reliable data for use in policy, regulation, and other decision making. Our group has prioritized collecting both western scientific and local traditional knowledge to provide a complete picture of environmental status, and to help our clients prepare for challenges related to climate change, effluent regulations, and local contamination. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to the needs of our clients, and to communicate in an effective and respectful manner.

Olga Francisco, M.Sc.


Olga is an interdisciplinary professional with 10+ years of combined experience in Research & Development, Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis, Regulatory Auditing and Consulting, Stakeholder Management and Community Engagement and Outreach. During her career, Olga authored and co-authored many high-impact scientific publications and regulatory documents. Olga has an undergraduate degree in Chemical engineering and graduate Master of Science degree in Chemistry. Olga also serves as an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy Reserves.

Matt McDougall, PhD


Matt completed his PhD at the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Canada, after which he worked as the Director of the eDNA facility at the Centre for Oil and Gas Research and Development. His work has focussed on protein function, the design of passive sample devices, and eDNA metabarcoding in the Arctic. Matt has worked closely with industry, government, and Inuit organizations in Canada’s north, has presented work at international conferences, and published in high impact academic journals. Matt is always ready to take on a challenging project, where he brings to the table his technical skills, many years of experience with field work in the north, and expertise in data analysis and reporting.